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  • 1 x 21" bass reflex subwoofer
  • Compact, precise and powerful
  • Speakon sockets in front grille for optimal cabling of cardioid bass arrays
  • Crosslink OUT
  • Dual-gap technology


  • Drivers
    1 x 21" Neodym long excursion woofer with 4.5" voice coil, dual gap

    Lower cut-off frequency
    27 Hz (- 10 dB)
    36 Hz (- 3 dB)

    8 Ω

    Powerhandling (AES / Program/ Peak)
    1,800 W / 3,600 W / 7,200 W

    Sensitivity 1 W/1 m
    100 dB SPL (half space)

    Sound pressure at (AES / Program/ Peak)
    133 dB SPL / 136 dB SPL / 139dB SPL

    5 x NEUTRIK NL4 IN/OUT 2+/2-, 1x Crosslink OUT

    Polyurea coating in RAL 9005. Special colours also possible with Warnex textured paint

    Dimensions / Weight
    540 (H) x 780 (W) x 580 mm (D) / 48 kg

  • The Voice-Acoustic Paveosub-121 is a very compact and lightweight 21" subwoofer in the format of conventional 18" subs. Equipped with an 21" neodymium transducer, the Paveosub is capable of producing a high and undistorted low-frequency level from the smallest dimensions.

    The lang excursion transducer of the latest technology has four voice coils on a 4.5" coil former, which are highly thermally resistant with a continuous power of 1800 watts and a peak output of 7200 watts. Here, the voice coil wire is wound on both the inside and outside of the voice coil former and can dissipate its heat to both sides over a larger surface area that would correspond to a 6" coil. Together with a dual-gap motor structure of the magnet system, this results in the lowest power compression in this power dass. The result is consistently high efficiency and effective transformation of the amplifier energy.

    The Dual-Gap technology, with two axially separated magnet systems, also creates an extremely symmetrical drive, whereby the chassis retains its power even at very high cone excursions and has the lowest distortion of all 21" woofers. The result is an extremely clean, punchy and accurate low-frequency response that meets even the highest sonic demands. The Paveosub-121 can therefore also be coupled to smaller mid-high systems without the need for a second way in the low frequency range.  The large bass reflex port ensures the best possible efficiency and prevents disturbing flow noise right up to the limit. Many bracings and struts eliminate cabinet resonances, increase backward damping and make the Paveosub-121 extremely robust and an ideal touring subwoofer.

    The 8 optimised handles with water drainage on all sides ensure easy, back-friendly handling during transport and stacking. The Paveosub can be used lying flat or standing upright. lt has feet on two sides with opposing stacking moulds and two M20 spacer rod flanges.

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