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  • 2 x 8“/4 x 1“ plug&play Line-Array with passive crossover
  • Great scalability via 15° x 100° und 5° x 100° cabinet version
  • Elegant and unobtrusive design via concealed hardware
  • Toolless flight mechanics with tripod option
  • Oversized HF unit for very low distortion, smooth highs and clarity
  • Mechanical time alignment
  • Cost-effective operation with HDSP amplifiers and self-powered subwoofers


  • Speaker drivers
    2 x 8" Neodym LF with 65 mm (2.5") voice coil
    4 x 1" Neodym compression driver with 44 mm (1.75") voice coil

    Plug&Play Line-Array with passive crossover

    Frequency range 15°
    80 Hz - 18 kHz (- 10 dB)
    117 Hz - 16 kHz (+/- 3 dB)

    Frequency range 
    80 Hz - 19 kHz (- 10 dB)
    117 Hz - 16 kHz (+/- 3 dB)

    Coverage range (h x v)
    100° x 15° or 100° x 5° depending on the housing version

    Powerhandling 4 Ω
    500 W AES / 1,000 W programm / 2,000 W peak

    Sensitivity dB SPL 1 W/1 m
    15° : 104 dB SPL
    5° : 106 dB SPL

    Sound pressure at (AES / programm / peak)
    15° : 131 dB SPL / 134 dB SPL / 137 dB SPL
    5° : 133 dB SPL / 136 dB SPL / 139 dB SPL

    2 x Neutrik NL4 Speakon IN and OUT, 1+/1-

    4 x shell type handle

    Toolless flight mechanics with tripod option

    12 and 15 mm birch plywood CNC machine-splined and bolted

    Water based textured black lacquer RAL 9005, 2 coats of varnish. Surface can be repaired and restored
    Optional for fixed installations: other surface colors according to RAL-tones can be provided by Warnex structure paint

    Front grille
    Galvanized and powdered black honeycomb grille RAL 9005, 10 mm acoustic foam behind grille, front logo
    RAL-tones are available as an option to the standard color as well as chrome, and, with or without foam
    For ‘No-branding’ installations, the logo on the front grille can be removed without leaving any visible marks

    Dimensions / Weight
    465 (h) x 513 (w) x 291 mm (d) / 26.2 kg

  • The Ikarray-8 is a novel concept plug&play line-array with incredible power densitity: 2 x 8" and 4 x 1" drivers are stacked vertically in a compact housing. Few elements of this system are needed to achieve acoustically effective length and great range. It closes the gap between conventional loudspeakers and line-arrays.

    Contrary to conventional line-arrays there is no need for the user to deal with simulation software, splay angles, rigging hardware and DSP filters. Ikarray-8 comes precurved and elements are simply connected to each other at fixed angles. For greater flexibility and scalability array elements will be available with 5° x 100° and 15° x 100° directivity pattern. This way, several units can be connected without vertical coverage becoming too big. This results in higher achievalble SPL and headroom compared to other fixed-angle system which are limited to fewer elements.

    This unique feature is patent pending. Ikarray-8 is suitable not only for smaller venues, but also for medium sized.

    The continuous steel rigging system is concealed within the cabinet and there are no protruding metal parts. This imparts the system with an elegant and unobtrusive appearance, suitable for sophisticated demands in mobile and especially installation application. Stacking feet and their corresponding slots allow immediate and easy cabinet alignment and connection via ball lock bolt. 4 handles provide optimum handling.

    The Ikarray-8 has an innovative flight mechanism, which can be used optionally in ground stacking and on a tripod. In all cases it can be attached and aligned without tools.

    The 8" woofers have been recessed to optimize the time alignment for the passive crossover. On the other hand the recess has been used to provide the woofers with additional horn loading. The horn flare also makes sure that criteria for a coherent wavefront are met by forming a narrow rectangular outlet.

    Voice-Acoustic HDSP system amplifiers and self-powered subwoofers contain presets for all 5° and 15° combinations and guarantee optimum performance. One Ikarray-8 is powered by a single 800 W amplifier channel. A self-powered subwoofer can power another subwoofer and two Ikarray-8 in stereo. A HDSP-6 amplifier can provide for 4 subwoofers and 4 Ikarray-8. A bigger system consiting of 8 basses and 8 double-8" tops and be powered by only two HDSP-6 amplifiers. This turns Ikarray-8 into one of the most cost-effective systems available.

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