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  • 2 x 5"/1 x 1", 2-way d'Appolito multifunctional loudspeaker, bass reflex
  • High range and speech intelligibility with more direct sound
  • Voice and background music without separate subwoofer
  • Monitor operation possible with 25 ° and 55 °
  • Tool-free mounting by means of multifunctional brackets
  • A rear, decent handle makes handling easier


  • Speaker drivers
    2 x 5" Neodym woofer (LF) with 32 mm (1.25") voice coil
    1 x 1" Ferrit compression driver (HF) with 1" voice coil

    2-way, d’Appolito multi-functional loudspeaker, bass reflex

    Frequency range
    71 Hz - 19 KHz (- 10 dB)
    139 Hz - 15.7 KHz (+/- 3 dB)

    Coverage range (h x v)
    70° x 55°

    Monitor slants
    55° and 25°, 90° for Nearfill

    Impedance bi-amping
    12 Ω

    Powerhandling 12 Ω
    200 W AES / 400 W program / 800 W peak

    Sensitivity dB SPL 1 W/1 m
    92 dB SPL

    Sound pressure at (AES / programm / peak)
    114 dB SPL / 117 dB SPL / 120 dB SPL

    2 x Neutrik NL4 Speakon IN/OUT (loop through), configuration: 1+/1-

    1 x handle backside

    1 x Camlock for tilt and swivel multifunctional brackets. Vertical and horizontally mountable without tools
    1 x single-stud mount in the metal connection panel for safety rope (bracket can be secured separately)
    2 x M6 threaded points for rear, adjustable wall brackets
    1 x M8 Thread point for mounting a rear crosspiece clamp using the M8 cylinder head allen screw or for mounting a Manfrotte M8 stud for a Manfrotto Super Clamp

    12 - 15 mm birch plywood CNC machine-splined and bolted

    Polyurea coating in RAL 9005, optionally water based textured black lacquer RAL 9005.
    As an Option, other surface colors according to RAL-tones can be provided in a matter of days.

    Front grille
    Galvanized and powdered black honeycomb grille RAL 9005, 6 mm acoustic foam behind grille.
    RAL-tones are available as an option to the standard color as well as chrome, and, with or without foam.

    Dimensions / Weight
    450.5 (h) x 172 (w) x 190 mm (d) / 6 kg

  • The Score-5 is a compact and powerful multifunctional loudspeaker for mobile applications and installation equipped with 2x5"/1" drivers. The high-quality and fully phase optimized passive crossover with full equalisation allows for use with any amplifier.

    The Score-5 is a fullrange system to enable speech and background music application without additional subs. Together with one of our subwoofers it turns into an elegant high-power PA.

    During development great care was taken to achieve a precise 70° x 55° directivity pattern. The 55° vertical focusing is extended downward into the lowmids through a D‘Appolito arrangement of the 5“ woofers and their acoustic coupling. Compared with other speakers of this size, This provides the Score-5 with a farther throw and better speech intellegibility due to the higher direct sound ratio.

    Parallel sidewalls and narrow front dimensions (172mm width) make it perfect for nearfill application on stage edges or concealed in interiour panelling or staircases. Cabinet angles of 25° and 55° allow for flexible monitor use. Sound technicians will appreciate the linear frequency response and neutral sound alignment which results in high gain-before-feedback and an overall easier job.

    The elegant and unobtrusive multi-functional bracket can be attached horizontally or vertically with Camlock connectors within seconds. These connectors are proved and tested for rigging of Movingheads in event technology business. Via bracket and adapter Score-5 can be easily angled on a pole mount in any direction. There are no modifications necessary for flying. The adapter has to be removed from the bracket and the speaker can be directly fixed to a truss. A mandatory safety with stud can be click-locked into the steel panel on the back.

    The same area also provides two M6 fixing points for a rotatable and tiltable  wallmount. There is another M8 thread to fix the Score-5 with the least possible gap to a truss by using a super clamp or bracket.

    There is even a small concealed handle on the backside for ease of use.

    All these sophisticated details and the available accessories make the Score-5 an ideal tool for almost any application.


    The Score-5 is a fully passive speaker with 12 Ohms impedance and can be driven by any amplifier even without DSP-controller. An aplifier channel capable of 4-Ohm minimum load can drive 3 Score-5 and a 2-ohm amplifier channel can drive up to 6 Score-5.

    For optimal reliability and safety of operation we recommend Voice-Acoustic HDSP amplifiers or free channels of other Voice-Acoustic self-powered systems. One 800 W channel of system electronics can power up to 3 Score-5.

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