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  • 4 x 8"/4 x 1", column line array
  • Very high performance, nearly 140 dB at only 35 kg weight
  • Click-in flyware, tool-free flying mechanism
  • Dual-tilt high stand flange 0° and 5
  • Oversized HF unit for very low distortion, smooth highs and clarity
  • Asymmetrical energy distribution with concentration of energy at long distance
  • Even volume from front to rear
  • Discreet and very elegant design
  • Optional design stand in identical look


  • Drivers
    LF: 4 x 8" Neodym woofer with 2.5" voice coil
    HF: 4 x 1" Neodym compression driver with 1.75" voice coil

    Frequency range
    56 Hz - 19 kHz (- 10 dB)
    72 Hz - 16 kHz (+/- 3 dB)

    Coverage range (h x v)
    100° x 0°/ -20°

    LF: 8 Ω
    HF: 8 Ω

    Powerhandling (AES / Program / Peak)
    LF: 1,000 W / 2,000 W / 4,000 W
    HF: 160 W / 320 W / 640 W

    Sensitivity 1 W/1 m
    LF: 103 dB SPL
    HF: 109 dB SPL

    Sound pressure at (AES / Program / Peak)
    130 dB SPL / 136 dB SPL / 139 dB SPL

    2 x NEUTRIK NL4 IN/OUT 1+/1- (4-pole looped-through)

    Polyurea coating in RAL 9005

    Dimensions / Weight
    1.336 (H) x 245 (W) x 336 mm (D) / 35.0 kg

  • The Voice-Acoustic VENIA-8 is a 2-way bi-amplified column line array loudspeaker, equipped with 4 x 8" drivers and 4 x 1" compression drivers. The high-frequency drivers are coupled to a line array waveguide and produce a dispersion angle of 100° horizontally and 0°/-20° vertically via a large horn.

    The HF section of the VENIA series provides a vertically asymmetrical sound pressure coverage with a plane wavefront. The principle of larger line arrays is transferred to the VENIA loudspeakers in a compact column format: the high-frequency energy is bundled to cover longer distances and the near filed is covered by curving with a lower energy content distributed to a larger area. The result is a very balanced level distribution across the entire listening area with very homogeneous sound distribution. This gives VENIA-8 an enormous advantage as a single loudspeaker and is also easier and faster to set up and commission than conventional line array systems.

    Energy coverage VENIA Series: Very even volume coverage from front to back

    Energy coverage conventional loudspeaker: Loud at the front and quiet at the back

    With its slim appearance, the VENIA series makes a valuable appearance in all mobile applications and in fixed installations. The beautifully curved front grille with discreet mini-honeycomb perforation and large R50 side radii makes the loudspeaker look very elegant and integrate discretely even in architecturally sophisticated surroundings. With the optional X-Tension, a designer stand with the same enclosure format, the VENIA-8 becomes a design sculpture and can be raised to a visually appealing height. A steel base plate is available to ensure that the X-Tension stands securely. In addition, the X-Tension can be mounted on any subwoofer with an M20 flange.

    Due to its low crossover frequency, the VENIA-8 can be combined with any subwoofer. With its above-average performance of almost 140 dB at a weight of just 35 kg, it is also a powerful Main-PA in combination with several subwoofers. A stereo pair of VENIA-8s can be combined with up to eight Paveosub-118. Thanks to the powerful high-frequency driver unit, the VENIA-8 always plays in a relaxed and pleasant manner, even at high volumes, and meets even the highest sonic demands.

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